footMany long term foot and postural issues have their origins in childhood. It is therefore recommended to have your child’s feet and posture checked if you have any concerns or have a family history of foot related complications.

At Better Feet Podiatry we have extensive experience in assessing, treating and managing many common foot and posture related issues in children. We can give advice regarding footwear and other questions you may have regarding your child’s foot and leg development. Young children in particular are often unable to communicate when there is a problem with their legs or feet, so if you have any concerns our podiatry team can provide expert advice and management.

Advice to Parents

Most foot and leg problems in children do not cause pain, or your child can not communicate that something is wrong.

Common signs to look for include:
  • Walking in an awkward or unusual way
  • Uneven shoe wear or rapid shoe wear
  • Your child often wants to be carried or doesn’t like to participate in physical activities
  • Unusual lumps, bumps or marks on the feet
  • Pain or fatigue in the legs or feet
  • Skin and toenail problems

If you have any concerns about your child’s feet, please feel free to contact our clinic for an assessment. Also please see our Health Tips page for some great advice about common kid’s feet concerns.

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