Foot Mobilisation TherapyFoot Mobilisation Therapy or FMT is a ‘hands on’ therapy utilising unique mobilisation and manipulation techniques to treat many biomechanical and foot alignment issues. These misalignments can often be the underlying cause of foot and leg pain.

FMT works on the principle of helping correct underlying joint and structural alignment with gentle mobilisation and manipulation techniques. These techniques work in conjunction with your body’s own healing properties to aid recovery and help prevent future injuries. Foot Mobilisation Therapy can help realign joints and improve the overall strength and conditioning of the feet to ultimately treat the underlying cause of your foot pain.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy is coupled with a comprehensive strength and stretching program that is gradually introduced over the period of treatment. As FMT improves strength and flexibility, symptoms gradually reduce and there is often less need to rely traditional methods of treatment like orthotics and innersoles.

The FMT program begins with more intensive treatments over the course of a month to help treat pain and inflammation. As the program progresses there is less need for regular Foot Mobilisation Therapy sessions as you build strength and return to the activities you enjoy doing. The aim of FMT is to maintain mobility and modify activities whilst you recover, then return to regular activity as soon as possible. By working on your alignment and foot posture and it will give you a strong foundation for the future and reduce the risk of future injury.

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