High Risk Foot & Wound Management

A high-risk foot is a foot at risk of developing progressive deformity, ulceration or wound formation, infection and/or amputation and is most commonly associated with diabetes and often peripheral vascular disease.

Our podiatry team have extensive expertise in this field of foot care and utilise their networks of skilled clinicians to assist you with obtaining the very best care plans.

We can provide assessment of your foot condition and treatments plans, including:

  • Blood flow to the feet (circulation), using a vascular Doppler ultrasound
  • Sensations (Feeling) and reflexes (nerves), as determined by monofilament testing
  • Unusual foot shapes (including bunions, claw toes and hammer toes)
  • Toenail health (ingrown or fungal)
  • Skin condition, including dryness, calluses, corns, cracks or infections
  • We can provide wound care plans and dressings regimes to assist with wound healing
  • Assessment of footwear to ensure fit and offloading of high-pressure areas
  • Referrals to experienced footwear providers to ensure adequate footwear
  • Referrals to wound care specialists as required
  • Order clinical imaging to assist with risk assessment, including x rays, ultrasounds and MRI