Ingrown toenails can be an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition.

They often present as red, swollen and painful and may weep or have a bad odour often indicating the presence of an infection.

Ingrown toenails can have several underlying causes such as:

  • Excessively curved (involuted) nail plates
  • Tight shoes
  • Incorrect toenail cutting technique
  • Injury or trauma

Our podiatrists will be able to treat your ingrown toenails using several techniques and provide you with advice to prevent them from recurring.

If your ingrown nail is particularly bad then your podiatrist may recommend a minor surgical procedure to correct the problem permanently.

The technique is called a Partial Nail Avulsion or PNA and is performed in the clinic using a local anaesthetic. The section of the ingrown toenail is then removed at the nail bed and then a chemical is used to stop the nail from growing back in this section permanently. The procedure is done within the clinic and you are able to walk immediately after the procedure and often only takes an hour. The toe is then dressed and you are reviewed by your podiatrist in 2-4 days. The toe is then redressed at home until it heals in about 2-4 weeks. You are often able to return to your regular sporting activities within a week or two.

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