Custom OrthoticsFoot Orthotics or Functional Foot Orthoses are specifically designed shoe inserts or foot supports that help improve foot alignment, posture and biomechanics. They can help correct imbalances in the feet to treat a range of chronic foot and leg complications and aid more efficient movement.

Foot orthoses are often used in conjunction with other treatments and therapies in order to treat your condition holistically. Our podiatrists may also use other treatments like strapping/padding, mobilisation/manipulation and provide advice regarding strengthening and stretching.

If your podiatrist recommends foot orthoses as part of your treatment you will be issued with comprehensive instructions on how to adjust to wearing your orthotics. Foot orthoses change the way in which you walk and move so there is often a period of time of adjustment. You will be advised on what to expect in the initial period and then seen for a review in 2-4 weeks for a review. At this particular time you can discuss any questions you may have and if required your podiatrist may make some adjustments to the devices.

There are several types of orthotics that can be prescribed by your podiatrist depending on your presenting complaint and biomechanical needs. Our podiatrists will determine what type of device you specifically require and the material they are made from. These range in variety from firm carbon fibre and polypropelene to soft EVA and poron devices.

Orthotic Types

Custom Kinetic Foot Orthoses:

These devices are designed specifically for your biomechanical needs and can be made from a range of materials. They are often made from a cast of your feet and your podiatrist will make a prescription for your device. Our podiatrists use an orthotic laboratory that utilises digital scanning and direct computer milling to create exceptional accuracy in your orthotic. These orthoses are used to treat a large variety of conditions relating to your foot health.

Prefabricated Orthoses:

These devices are made from a range of materials and can be customised by your podiatrist to provide relief of your presenting complaint.

Accommodative Pressure Relief Orthoses:

Are utilised to improve imbalances within the feet and redistribute pressure. These devices can be of great benefit in managing conditions relating to callouses and corns. They may also be utilised in specific complications associated with diabetes and wound management.

Cushioning Orthoses:

Can be used to aid shock absorption and treat conditions relating to poor joint flexibility and stress related injuries.

Exactly what conditions can Orthotics assist with?

What conditions can Orthotics help with?

Orthotics can often treat and prevent conditions such as:

    • Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain
    • Stress Fractures
    • Bunions or Hallux Abducto-valgus
    • Tendinopathy or Tendonitis
    • Neural compression or Neuroma
    • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome or Shin Splints
    • Knee Pain
    • Sever’s Disease, Osgood Schlatters or growth plate issues
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Corns and callous
    • Lower Back Pain

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