What does your home office look like? If you’ve been experiencing soreness in your feet or legs, it could come down to your home office ergonomics. From incorporating stretches into your daily routine to using a footrest, here are some tips to make your home office better for your feet. 

#1: Invest in a footrest

The main benefit of footrests is that they boost blood flow to your feet and lower legs by relieving pressure from the rest of your body. This can make your home office better for your feet by helping to improve posture, prevent blood clots and fight lower back pain, especially if you do not have a standing desk. 

4 Ergonomic tips to make your home office better for your feet

#2: Take regular breaks away from your desk

Time away from your work desk is crucial for foot health. Even if it’s a few minutes per hour to get fresh air in the garden, make yourself a hot drink or take a call while standing, fighting stagnation by being active will improve circulation to your feet and help prevent future muscle complications.

#3: Use a roller while you work

Keeping a foot roller under your desk is great for improving foot health while de-stressing. Even a tennis ball can be an effective foot roller! Simply rolling it under your heel towards the base of your toes can feel like a soothing massage, but is also beneficial for preventing injury, boosting circulation and stretching your hamstrings.

#4: Set a reminder to stretch your feet

Aside from using a roller, you can also complete a number of foot stretches at your desk. Aim to repeat stretches once per hour, and set a reminder on your phone or calendar to help build the habit. Some ideas for stretches include:

  • Toe stretching: Isolate your big toe and raise your other toes, remaining in the same position for 10 seconds. Next, swap so your big toe is below the other toes and hold again.
  • Ankle rotations: Crossing one leg over the other, slowly rotate your ankle in circles for 10 seconds. Swap to the other leg and repeat.

Need more tips on making your home office better for your feet?

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